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About Keystone Mint

As a fully operating private mint, Keystone Mint possesses the specialized talent, technology and resources to produce an extensive range of high-quality custom minted items. Above all else, we are committed to providing great choices to our customers and are proud to consistently deliver products that ideally accommodate each of our customer's unique marketing and budgeting concerns.

Choice at Keystone Mint starts with the wide range of items we produce, which include die struck custom coins, medallions, key tags, pendants, lapel pins, golf tools, and silicone wrist bands. Additionally, we also offer a broad selection of die-cast awards and recognition pieces.

We use a variety of metals in the production of our items including brass, bronze, nickel-silver, copper, aluminum, and pewter. Additionally, we offer the option of fine silver or gold when customers want to make a statement of ultimate luxury and sophistication. Finally, for even greater customization, our customers can further complement the appearance of each item through Keystone's notable selection of attractive finishes, which include antiquing, plating, and anodizing.

Whether you want to commemorate an occasion, award an accomplishment, or create highly distinctive gifts and keepsakes, we've proven time and time again that the combined expertise of our knowledgeable marketing consultants, accomplished artists, and veteran die engravers result in heirloom-quality collector's pieces that will be cherished and valued for years to come.

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Richard Leefson
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